Chile Primera Division

Chile Primera Division

The National First Division Championship of Professional Football , for reasons of patronage is now called the National Championship Petrobras First Division is the top level of soccer training in Chile .

Competition involved 18 teams and runs a system of promotion and relegation to the category immediately below the first B . It is organized by the ANFP , belonging to the Football Federation of Chile .

It was founded on May 31 of 1933 as Professional Football League for clubs dissidentsFootball Association of Santiago . Since then he has played with different formats and different umbrella organizations.

His current champion is University of Chile , who beat Catholic University in the final ofApertura 2011 .

A total of 52 clubs have played at least one season of First Division, and 14 have won the title at least once. However, Colo-Colo has been the only team in participating in the 78 contested seasons so far. Colo-Colo is also the team that has won titles with a total of 29. 1 Traditionally, the official season opens with a Duel of Champions .

Chile Primera Division


The arrival of the 1930′s brought the concealed professionalism, also called “brown professionalism,” the Chilean football. Various teams pay their players wages, and although the practice was not legal, the phenomenon occurred worldwide. This covert practice grew due to various tours of clubs and countries where there professionalism, coupled this to the presence of foreign players in Chile professionals. In short, professionalism covert force clubs to pay, but the player had no obligation to respond, which in 1932 led to the financial situation of some clubs was almost unbearable

On May 27th of 1933 the eight big clubs in the Football Association of SantiagoAudax Italiano , Badminton , Colo-Colo , Green Cross , Magellan , Morning Star ,Santiago National and Spanish Union – demanded the creation of a professional section, idea breaking the seal amateur who had hitherto devoted football activity.Given the refusal of the association, the dissidents signed May 31 , at the secretariat of Badminton, the creation of the Professional League, which was recognized as part of the Football Federation of Chile recently in August of that year.

He immediately began the first Open Championship in July and opened the fires of his first official tournament with a match between Audax Italiano and Morning Star, played at the Estadio Santa Laura and ended in a score of 3:1 in favor of Audino . The first tournament was played between eight teams in one conference founders and was won by Magallanes defeating Colo-Colo in party definition.

The following year, the Association of Santiago acknowledged the emerging professionalism and rejoined the dissidents within its ranks, leaving the Association consists of two sections: one professional and one amateur . As part of the negotiations were conducted to reunification, the Championship of 1934 joined four sets of AFS: Railroad , Charles Walker , German Sports and FC James . Additionally, it was established that the last six qualifiers from the tournament would be eliminated to form the B Series . The championship was again won by Magallanes , this time undefeated with a 95.45% yield.

In 1935 Magellan was the champion for the third consecutive, a feat unmatched remained for 56 years, when Colo-Colo won the tri-championship in 1989 , 1990 and1991 . This tournament featured six teams and was first played in two rounds with a system of all against all .

2010 – Present

Although it was originally planned as a short tournament, the earthquake of February of that year led to a change in the mode of competition from First Division. Finally, a tournament of two-wheeled, all against all, a system that was not used since 2001 . The first winner of Huemul Silver trophy since the 2010 Official Tournament replaced the glasses used in short championships, was Catholic University , devoting passBicentennial Champion . 2 In the Apertura 2011 finally Universidad de Chile won the championship of soccer Chile defeating in the final back to Catholic University by 4-1 and entered his name in the Huemul silver.

Championship System

For 2011 was passed again the continuation of “short tournaments” with the tournament format similar to Mexican , but with certain variations, as now rated at the final stages will be the first 8 teams in the standings of the qualifying eliminating and the cluster. 3 This also eliminates the playoffs. The league system is as follows:

  • It plays an Apertura (first half) and Clausura (second semester).
  • Each tournament is the confrontation of the 18 clubs, all against all, in 17 days. For purposes of income, the top 8 teams from thequalifierswill access the play-offs , or knockout system where teams play in the quarterfinals, semifinal and final (first leg in return).
  • After each tournament the winning team is crowned as “ National First Division Champion Professional Football Chileno . “